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The Personal Care sector requires excellence in the packaging of cosmetic products and the continuous search for rapid and efficient production processes. With its machinery for automatic packaging, ProSystem has been supporting companies in the cosmetic industry for more than thirty years..

We provide our customers the perfect cosmetic packaging, thanks to a technology developed specifically for your brand. Tailor-Made is a bespoke design criterion that applies Italian tailoring to the ProSystem packaging systems. From labeling machines to case packers, from palletizers to wraparounds, up to complete lines for cosmetic packaging: ask now for advice to create a customized system for automatic packaging, efficient in consumption, quick in operations, compact in size.

Why choose our automated personal care packaging machinery

  • Formazione


  • Alta visibilità del processo produttivo

    High visibility of the production process

  • Eco-friendly


  • Flessibilità e operatività

    Flexibility and uptime

  • Risparmio energetico

    Energy saving

  • Tailor-Made


  • Ottimizzazione dello spazio produttivo

    Optimization of the production space

  • Design ergonomico

    Ergonomic design

  • Supporto continuo

    Ongoing support

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