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Anthropomorphic robot

Anthropomorphic robots

Automatic palletisation with ProSystem robotics..

Anthropomorphic robots for pallet loading:
the automation revolution.

Anthropomorphic robots are the ideal solution for complex jobs to ensure efficiency and an increasingly safe workplace for your employees. Since 1991, ProSystem has been designing anthropomorphic robots tailored to the needs of palletising and automatic packaging.

Extensive customisation, six degrees of freedom for the mechanical arm, speed and precision in movements, programmable software to adapt to any type of industrial production - the excellence of our packaging automation is our driving force: Tailor Made - tailoring applied to industrial robots. With ProSystem, no anthropomorphic robot is equal to another - just as no brand is the same as another.

Our series

The anthropomorphic palletising robots that ProSystem includes in its projects are the result of state-of-the-art, advanced technology. Depending on the project, we supply ABB, FANUC, KUKA anthropomorphic robots based on customer preferences and the performance required for one or several manufacturing lines.

ProSystem provides customised industrial robots with gripping heads built ad hoc according to the product to be palletised (carton cases, bags, bins, jerry cans...) and integrates them with various pallet and interlayer gripping devices, or barcode reading scanners and product and pallet infeed/outfeed roller conveyors.

La serie ROBYSTAR soddisfa esigenze di produzione che richiedono alte prestazioni con la possibilità di essere in rete con database aziendali.

Anthropomorphic Robot Models


Anthropomorfic Robot

Technical features

  • Anthropomorphic robots of various brands (ABB, FANUC, KUKA)
  • Product grippers
  • Product transport
  • Pallet station
  • Industrial PC
  • Electric control board robot
  • Electric control board proSystem
  • Safety protection according to EC standards


  • Interlayer with its stocking
  • Pallet with its stocking
  • Product conveyors
  • Conveyor waste product
  • Empty pallet conveyors
  • Full pallet conveyors
  • Product bar-code scanner
  • Applicator labels on boxes
  • Label applicator on pallet

Robot antropomorfi in action

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