ProSystem | Packaging machinery for chemical Products


Packaging machinery for chemical products
Automated packaging solutions for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry

For more than thirty years, ProSystem has been designing and manufacturing packaging machinery lines and units for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. In a historical moment in which production must be faster and efficient than ever but also sustainable, the technology of our highly tailored packaging systems comes into play, in which all the experience and care of the Made in Italy are condensed.

Tailor-Made is the philosophy applied to ProSystem automated packaging machinery. A tailored approach applied to industrial packaging, where every detail of our plant is conceived to suit your specific production needs. From cartoning machines, palletizers and robots, to complete lines that assist you throughout the automatic packaging process. ProSystem is the answer you are looking for.

Why choose our packaging machinery for chemical products

  • Formazione


  • Alta visibilità del processo produttivo

    High visibility of the production process

  • Eco-friendly


  • Flessibilità e operatività

    Flexibility and uptime

  • Risparmio energetico

    Energy saving

  • Tailor-Made


  • Ottimizzazione dello spazio produttivo

    Optimization of the production space

  • Design ergonomico

    Ergonomic design

  • Supporto continuo

    Ongoing support

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