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ProSystem. Precision, innovation and customization applied to packaging machines.


Born in 1991 with a passion for packaging, ProSystem has been providing national and international companies with innovative packaging machinery solutions.

Everything we do is centered around the specific needs of each individual customer. Only in this way we can design every single machine or packaging system as a concrete response to the real needs of companies. Since 1991, we have produced more than a thousand tailor-made automated packaging systems, focusing on palletizing and packaging solutions.

The experience gained over the years has led ProSystem to be recognized in the packaging automation industry as a dynamic, flexible company, full of ideas and high-tech solutions both at European and international level.

As customer partner, ProSystem continuously strives to create the best logistic and ergonomic solutions in order to offer the best experience to those who use them every day.

The motto that has always accompanied us due to our particular attention to space optimization is "Quality in little space".

ProSystem covers 3 fundamental pillars in the industry of automated packaging machinery:

  • System Design and Proposal
  • System Production
  • Sales and After-Sales

These services accompany our customers from day one. Our team is ready to step-in from every corner of the world to promptly respond to maintenance and reparation enquiries.


Each project represents a new challenge to overcome: every time ProSystem aims at obtaining even faster, more compact and performing packaging machinery solutions. This race against time and technology can only be won with the professionalism and solidity of a close-knit and compact team that shares in the same values ​​ goals, just like in any winning sports team.

ProSystem: a team at your service!


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ProSystem believes in the values of sport...

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