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TRAY BOX automatic case packers

Find out about our packaging machinery.

Study, design and implementation of automatic
case packers for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

In over thirty years of business, ProSystem has developed specific packaging systems for two key industries: cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Tray-Box case packers are the ideal solution to the needs of brands wishing to combine compactness, energy efficiency and Made-in-Italy quality in a single automatic packaging machine.

The style under which our systems are manufactured is unique: design and manufacturing methods combining tailoring to packaging technology. We called it Tailor-Made.

Our series

Automatic packaging machine for medium and high speeds - specifically designed for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. The machine performs the following functions:

  • > Packs the product in trays and American carton cases
  • > Packs the product in trays only
  • > Packs the product in American carton cases

Automatic case packer models


Technical features

  • For different products and caps
  • Suitable for production line with modular system
  • Case closure with adhesive tape or hot-melt glue
  • Electronic system
  • Remote service
  • Ergonomic design
  • High visibilty of the product flow
  • Easy and quick changeover
  • Low maintenance
  • Compact


  • Automatic changeover: 1 minute
  • Case printing system
  • Case print-apply label system

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