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Mega - case packers

MEGA automatic case packers

Find out about our packaging machinery.

Study, design and implementation of
automatic case packers for every container type.

Flexible, efficient, designed to deal with all types of containers and formats independently. MEGA is an automatic case packer range that restyles automatic packaging under the banner of safety and process efficiency.

For over thirty years, ProSystem has been manufacturing premium packaging systems which combine compactness, energy efficiency and Made-in-Italy quality in a single automatic packaging machine, stand-alone or in conjunction with other systems.

The style under which each case packer is manufactured is Tailor-Made: Italian tailoring combined to design in order to meet unique, customised needs. Uniqueness is our touchstone.

Our series

ProSystem MEGA case packer is fully automatic and can pack by means of gripping heads specifically designed and manufactured for diverse types of containers, bottles (glass, plastic, PET), cans, cases, jars, bags, trays...

The products are automatically selected through different mechanical and electrical concepts and inserted into pre-shaped carton cases by a case forming machine (FOR range). The filled carton case is then carried on specific roller conveyors to be completely sealed upside down with adhesive tape (NS range) or hot glue (HM range).

The ProSystem MEGA low-maintenance and easy-to-use case packer is suitable for meeting high-, medium- and low-speed manufacturing requirements.

Automatic case packer models

MEGA Series

Technical features

  • Monoblock framework
  • Type of pick-up heads: pneumatic/mechanic/magnetic/vacuum and tailor-made
  • Mechanical or electric system
  • Product infeed conveyor
  • Product infeed system (in line or divider system)
  • Case entry-exit conveyor
  • Touch screen
  • Electrical control panel
  • Safety guards according to CE laws in polycarbonate material


  • Formats
  • Rotator device 0-90° 0-180°
  • Product infeed conveyor
  • Product conveyors
  • Cases conveyors
  • Remote service

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