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Industrial manipulators

Automation for packaging and palletising

Wide range of industrial
manipulators for packaging and palletising

ProSystem industrial manipulators are cutting-edge packaging machinery leading the way in the management and handling of heavy loads. Our commitment has always been to provide companies with tools capable of remodelling their production lines.

Industrial manipulators make it possible to perform the critical palletising step efficiently, thanks to Made-in-Italy advanced technology and highly practical proprietary software, which can be connected and integrated into your management systems according to an Industry 4.0 logic.

Always keeping the most important value in view: the reduction in the number of accidents at work as a result of safe, practical and human-sized technology. In a nutshell, Tailor Made - tailoring applied to packaging technology. The ultimate choice for hundreds of companies around the world who believe in ProSystem values.

Our series

The automatic industrial manipulators of the PAL-BOX range were created in response to the needs of the MD market, where products in trays or carton cases are required. ProSystem designed, built and installed a dozen automatic machines feeding full layers of bottles/jerry cans into trays or carton cases, which are then placed automatically or manually by the operator onto Dusseldorf/Europallet pallets. The new jerry can manipulator mod. PAL-BOX can also automatically manage pallet infeed/outfeed as well as interlayer insertion.

The semi-automatic manipulators of the MAN-AS range were designed to help the operator perform the palletising steps.  The operator directly controls the gripping head, which is created ad-hoc according to the product to be palletised (carton cases, jerry cans, jars, metal bins) and its characteristics (material, weight and size). The product is then placed onto the pallet. The MAN-AS range manipulators are used for small production lines to make the operator’s work easier.

All machinery is designed to combine the following features:

  • > Ergonomic design
  • > High visibility of the packaging process
  • > Quick and easy format changeover
  • > Low maintenance
  • > Space optimisation

Models Industrial Manipulators

PAL-BOX Series

MAN-AS Series

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